Hiya, im interested in recording my guitar playin in the new future,

and ive been looking at the Line6 products.

Im thinking of getting the Toneport UX1 thing to record, however i heard a POD can also can record as well?

What is the difference between these 2? Is one better to record with than the other?

Cheers in advance...
basically it all depends on what you want to record. if you have all the software on your computer already, i'd suggest the tone port. cuz its just the computer interface. basically it allows you to connect your guitar to the computer...thats it.

the pods on the other hand....have the interface....and all the modeling software so you dont need to hook up an amp. basically just hook the pod up to your computer and away you go. i have an xtlive and its pretty amazing. they even put in "no amp" and "tube preamp" settings for vocals so you can record those. can i say if your gonna spend $200 on the toneport (i'd get the one that has the line level monitors) you might as well spend the extra $150 and get something that you can do everything with. i've also heard that boss gt-'s are quite nice as well but i have no experience with them. i think their slightly more expensive than the pods...but can supposedly do more...also i've heard their a little tricky to learn how to use...the pods not simple but it takes a couple days to figure out how they have it all organized....ok i'll leave you alone.....