I am so desperate I need so much help. All I know is the intro to Iron Man, Smoke on the Water, a few notes of Enter Sandman, a few of Hells Bells, and a few of Good Ridance. That is ALL. Please someone help me. AOL sn is XxMustang281xX thanks for any help
Learn some chords and scales and practice like mad. I'm sure you'll be able to find multiple threads on UG about how to play both.
Once you "master" all the chords and the majority of the scales (Try for all) then maybe start learing stuff. Also, learn different tuning options so if a song says like "Tune to Relative C" you'll know what to do. Beleive me, I was stuck for weeks trying to figure something as simple as Em Chord, and Drop D tuning.

Good luck.
So how long have you been playing?

If you say only a month or 2, then you are just fine. But if your going on 6 to 8 months you might just need to discipline yourself a little more.

Well anyways, if you don't have a practice routine get working on it. Like said above, learn how scales move across the fretboard. Learn your open chords and make your own simple songs up out of them, its a great way to practice them without it feeling like practice.

Also don't be a stranger to the "Musician Talk" forum, there is a ton of Knowledge to soak up there.
ive had it since Christmas. Sooo, almost 2 months. If anyone has AOL please IM me.. I dont even know what scales means.
Im kinda in the same spot.
Ive been playing for just more than a week and all I know is good riddance, animal instinct, just my imagination; and some intro-picking for a lot of different songs like tears in heaven etc.

What I was wondering is which songs to go for next(in other words, good beginners-songs).
The first song I really learned was "Fake Tales of San Francisco" by the Arctic Monkeys.

Moved on to "Dancing Shoes" next.
Try "Breaking the Law" by Judas Priest. There isn't a solo in it, but it would be a good morale booster
I had the same problem. Heres what happened to me. I had been playing guitar for six months before and i could only play the following:
-Intro to Time of your life by green day
-Brain Stew by green day (whole song)
-Intro to Nothing else matters by Metallica

I wasn't satisfied with my progress. What i did was just practice power chords (which you will find in all songs). Basically what i did was i played power chords randomly across the fret board trying to increase speed.

Simultaneously, i would also practice speed busters. These are better than scales in a way. They really help improve speed and accuracy. You can find speed buster lessons in the lesson section of UG. That really helped improve my speed and accuracy.

I also would play a few major, minor and penationic scales.

I did this for like a month playing alt least half an hour a day. Soon i could play almost any song.

Trust me, with practice only time can tell the limits you can achieve when in comes to playing guitar.

A few easy songs you can start with:
Dammit- Blink 182
Fat lip- Sum 41
Holiday- Greenday
Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
When I come around- Green day

If you practice what i told you then you would have no problem. Remember focus on accuracy more than speed.
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Green Day should be so proud that there band is better than a bunch of 16 year olds.................medals anyone?

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Did that help?
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Green Day should be so proud that there band is better than a bunch of 16 year olds.................medals anyone?

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Gotta love ticked off metal heads.


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Try "Breaking the Law" by Judas Priest. There isn't a solo in it, but it would be a good morale booster

Yeah, that song is good for a beginner, pretty easy.

Day tripper - Beatles is also a good one.

Practice chords and scale.

HMM, the best way I can describe scales is a series of notes that go together in sync. Crappy definition I know. But a scales is something like this:


Anyway learn chords and master changing between them, after that a number of songs are played just using chords. After that then learn songs, however, everyone is different.

This might help, but maybe you need a teacher. If there isn't one, then if you have a Community College near by, see if they have any guitar classes. There is one near me, and I am planning on taking that class in summer. How this helps.
damn...don't worry about scales and that garbage if you just started. just learn songs of bands you like. that will make you like the instrument so much more. when i started playing, i was obsessed with metallica. so i got every metallica tab i could find. i then played the original recording and played along to the song. i couldn't play them worth crap, but i worked on them. and learning thier songs helps you with palm mutes, fast power chord changes, and the pentatonic scales; all the building blocks to a metal song.
you don't have to learn metallica, just learn who you like. working on scales and theory will just make it boring for you. you need to have fun when playing.
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Practice: chords (open chords first), scales (strictly alternate picking), arpeggios (economic picking and fingerpicking), play the songs that you're learning with a backing track.
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I recommend you start playing in a band as soon as you have learnt to pick out your lead parts and chord parts from CDs. It would help if you can sing or at least help with harmony vocals. Listen to your favourite stuff and try to work out exactly how the guitarist played the stuff. The more it sounds like how he did it on the record, the better player everyone will say you are. If you haven't been playing long, like your post suggests, you're doing ok. Keep working and remember...learn the parts spot on. Oh...buy a spare tuner (not fish type).
yeah i definatly need a new tuner.
this video is old its when i just got my stuff but i wanted to know how it was. i tabbed it myself so i dont know how good it is
hey man......RELAX. dont freak out....all good things.etc. etc. ,first thing is exercises..get your metronome, and start doing them!!!!..the more you merrier...this will give you all the dexterity you need to conquer....if you LISTEN to what your playing, melodies willstart to appear as you repeat yourself over and over...the human brain doesn't like to hear chromatics....diatonic melodies will present themselves....the biggest misake beginners make is not listening to what they play......try a lick, then play the same thing over and over with the same inflection....play slow and then speed up, play in diff. keys. then start writing.......tablature doesn't teach you about music....there are right and left hand exercises...i suggest you take ten min. a day doing these, then play around with your new skills,.......in a month you will be shredding.