So i'm just learning how to do pinch harmonics, and as of yet i'm under the impression that the guitar/strings have a large part of how pinch harmonics work. So would a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser be a good guitar for working on Pinch Harmonics on a song like, per se, Welcome Home by C&C?
anything with maple in it makes it alot easier, or so ive been told, asfor strings i couldnt really tell you
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from what ive experienced it just takes practice to make em sound good but its more your amp than your guitar that helps it sound like a good pinch harmonic. Ive tried doing them on my old fender hot rod deville and it sounded like crap but when i do it with my jcm900 with an od pedal boost it sounds very clean.
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awesome, thanks team - i'm just going to keep practicing until i get enough money for the marshall i want and my guitar
It's not just your guitar. After getting a pinch harmonic suitable guitar make sure you don't have to much of a scooped sound on your amp. Mids make it easier to perform them because they add some natural harmonic content. Don't use a super thick pick (my personal preference for pinched harmonics). Of course use a lot of distortion. Strings don't really effect your capapbility just so long as your eq and gear is correct. As for those guitars you mentioned, it should work alright with them.
pinching is a technique, learn it, its not the guitar, i can do it any any guitar i come across.
its just something you need to practice at, theres no short cuts buddy.
the pickups (humbuckers are usually best) and amp (gain helps) are important for getting good pinch harmonics. if your technique is good you can get them on you electric even when not plugged in. someone posted about this in the Electric Guitar forum so check that out if you havent. i find it harder to get pinch harmonics on thicker gauge strings. other than that i don't think string brand matters as long as the strings are ok quality.
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Pinching is a technique. Nothing will make you better or worse at it.

just owrk at it, try approachign it at a different angle.

Learn how natural harmonics work, and then apply them to pin harmonics becuase pinches are exactly the same as natural harmonics just natural harmonics only work for open strings, pinch harmonics work for fretted notes.
tuning down a step makes my pinch harmonics sound awesome if that helps
pinching is all in technique- to learn the general feel just turn the gain on your amp all the way up lol, then once you got it, reduce the gain down- until you can pinch with the amp on clean or not on at all
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