Well, my amp broke a long time ago, and about 2 months ago i sent it to get fixed. after a month, i got it back and the problem was a faulty mosfet. Ok, so it was working like new until about a week ago, until the exact same problem came back after 1 month of getting it fixed.

Now, the guy at the shop is not sure if it will be done for free, but after one month i think it should be. The first time it broke, it was after about 2 years of owning it.
So, does anyone here think it should be fixed for free?
Well, yeah. It has only been a month and it broke again? That doesn't make sense, he should fix it for free. HE was supposed to fix it and you gave him money to do so...it just doesn't seem fair to fix it again from money.
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Yeah, but he replaced the mosfet, and will prob do the same again. Thing is, i think there is something burning out the mosfet and i told the guy to ring up the tech, but im not sure he will. Also, the amp (carvin SX100 SS) gets extremely hot at the back, like tube amp hot unless you have a fan pointing at it, is this normal?
^No, it's probably not normal for it to get that hot.
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Yeah, it is weird. My friends amp also gets extremely hot, but has had no problems, and its a crate from the 80's. Also, it only gets hot when its cranked up over 5ish. When it's quiet it only gets warm after a while.
Most amps get hot.. I don't know what the problem is with THAT. I know that after running my amp for about an hour I wouldn't want to stick my hand right on the tubes or the transformer, it might hurt a bit.

Also, once warranty (manufacturer or store) is up.. You're on your own. You have to pay for any repairs the amp needs. I duno if your warranty is up yet, but whenever it is you're going to have to start coughing up some dough to get your amp repaired.
Mosfet amps dont run very hot, if its running as hot as a tube amp no wonder the mosfet circuitry is frying. If the guy only replaced the mosfet last time you had it replaced then he didnt really fix the problem and should do the actual repairs needed for free.
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Do you think the transformer might be heating it up, because i know they can get pretty hot. But the metal plate at the back is as hot as a valve amp which probably isnt good.
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Mosfet amps dont run very hot, if its running as hot as a tube amp no wonder the mosfet circuitry is frying. If the guy only replaced the mosfet last time you had it replaced then he didnt really fix the problem and should do the actual repairs needed for free.

How do you know that wasn't the problem? How do you know anything without being there?

Sometimes it takes trial and error to figure out what's wrong. Its just like an auto mechanic, sometimes they replace certain things several times until they figure out what's going on with your car.

Also, I'm pretty sure amps get hot. Period. Any electrical device under alot of strain, moving that much energy, will get pretty hot. Some amps run hotter than others. I know that when my band practices for over 30 minutes, our room gets heated up by just two half stacks and a bass amp. Yes, we can feel the heat radiating off the amp. The same thing applies to the SS amps I have (and the bassist's amp). You turn it on. Electricity runs through it. It gets hot. It radiates heat to cool down. You feel the heat.

It doesn't matter where its getting hot because everything attached to it is a conductor. If the transformer heats up, it will heat the metal touching it. When that metal gets warm, it will heat whatever else is touching it, such as the wood enclosure, the metal plate on the back, the cab its sitting on. Even the drink you might set on top of your amplifier.

If the same thing is happening and its broken again, take it in once again and explain to them the situation. I'm certain that they will be more than happy to fix your amp if its ****ing up and they did the repair. If they don't, its bad business. Why would they want to piss off a customer who might go back to buy more of their shit? I know I sure as hell would rather impress the customer with my great customer service, fix the amp (and get paid to do it) so they come back and spend more money at my store.
It may or may not be the same thing. All you know is the amp broke again. The excess heat is a symptom and probably the result of the same fault. A solid state amp should not get as hot as you describe. True, Carvin amps aren't stuck together real well, but they should hold up better than that.

Your friend really should've taken it back when he noticed it overheating. There aren't many tech's who won't look deeper the second time something comes back. Most guys will stand behind their work and I'd give him a chance. Depending on the shop and just what he finds there may be a charge for the additional work that should've been done the first time or not. But most shops will do the right thing if you give them a chance.

^It isn't my friends amp, its mine. Also, Carvin amps are put together rather well (so ive heard), and they're made in the USA. Yeah, i guess any electrical component can heat up when pushed, but i have read that MOSFET's can be damaged under extreme heat. Ah well, looks like ill find out soon enough if it breaks again.