Can anyone recommend a good instructional book on music theory? I have some basic knowledge. I know intervals that makes up basic chords (major, minor, diminished, augmented), and i know the modes and how they are used. I'd prefer a book that's oriented towards guitar, but id like to learn as much theory as possible.

Thanks. (also mentioning good instructional books in general would be nice, as they're rare and hard to find. Im not taking lessons right now so i gotta find a way to keep learning)
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Solo Guitar Playing is a great book. I learned alot from it. I also have Tonal Harmony, which is used in many colleges across the nation in their music courses. I recommend it as well because it starts from the very basics and goes through anything and everything you can think of.(though its not very guitar oriented) Also check out some of the work by Jamey Andreas.
Music in Theory and Practice (seventh edition), volume I, by Benward and Saker
The guitar handbook.
It has everything you need to know about guitar....how they're made and tips from Clapton and Hendrix. It also has every chord in every key at the back...... It's the guitar player's Bible.
Any site on the internet that teaches good guitar+theory for free? i know that's asking for a bit too much...but why not..
In my opinion you should get lessons. Reading from a book is one thing, but having a seasoned guitarist there to critique and teach you is absolutely priceless.
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