Whats some of the best gear you've played at in a Guitar Center/store. Even if you didn't buy it, I'm sure there was a lot of gear that you liked.
Ehhh...not a fan of GC. I actually hate the place. But thats just me...

But the best gear Ive played would have to be a McCarty PRS through a Soldano SLO100 through an Orange 4x12 cab with V30s.
wow um...nothing. every thing at those places is blemed up i cant stand gutiar center and sam ash its so annoying every time i go there to look at a new guitar or new amp. you get a "good deal" which if you look at the big picture it isnt really because people have probably pissed all over it and what not. yeah ugh it makes me mad. i played a plexi at a guitar center once, thats it. they hid it too. i know someone who works there and they hide all the nice stuff in an office. its retarded

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damn that sucks, because I'm realy looking forward to trying out a bunch of new amps...Do they keep anything in back?...As in gear that hasn't came out of the box/pissed on?...
White jem through a MArkII,MArk IV,6505,,roadking, and a solando avenger. best time i had there.
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The best I've played is either a Gibson Explorer through a JCM 800 or a Jackson DKMG through a JSX combo.
the most expensive stuff ive played would be a $12,000 custom gibson firebird through a marshall jimi hendrix full stack...

i didn't like the firebird, but the amp was great


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Definately my PRS Custom 24 Ten-Top before I bought it. That through either the Marshall JCM800 or through the AC30. Then theres the Fender Sonic tube amp which sounds great with a Strat!
i just head for the VIP and vintage gear rooms. i enjoy those rooms to the main sales floor. i like the smaller rooms, i can actually hear myself think.
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I honestly cannot stand Guitar Center. If it's not the music playing too loud it's the jackasses testing shit out for two hours. They don't carry anything particularly special, just general stuff you could find at any store. I'd much rather shop at pawn shops or independent guitar stores where you can find old stuff, atleast 3/4's of my rig is second hand.
Fender American Mahogany HSS strat, the thing played itself.
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Mesa Boogie Road King head with 2 400w Laney Speakers it was the kool feeling ever
I want to get an amp that doesn't have any built in amp modelers, because I also want to get a GNX3. Too much amp modelers equals too fake for me.
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The best gear I've played at Guitar Center... EBMM JP6 through a Mesa DC-5 paired with a 1x12 Mesa cab.
Probably a '63 Bluesbreaker with a '64 SG -- it was better than SEX. I busted out the cream in more than one way....
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Definately my PRS Custom 24 Ten-Top before I bought it. That through either the Marshall JCM800 or through the AC30. Then theres the Fender Sonic tube amp which sounds great with a Strat!

did you get to crank it? (AC30)
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Definitely my SG '61 Reissue, it's so much sweeter than the SG Standard, better sustain, better clean tone, has an ever punchier, but compltely vintage distortion tone when you use a tube amp. It's also lighter, has better upper fret access, and the neck is thinner, so it's better for soloing and chording. Whenever I play it, i feel like I'm channeling Angus Young, Tony Iommi, Pete Townschend, and it has such a good treble tone, that if I turn down the bass on my amp, it can sound like a strat too! But on the bad side, I do hat GC, cause you always get someone who wants to play THEIR music so loud you can't hear yourself think, and all they always play is that horrible stuff with all the palm muting and pinch harmonics for like an hour, and if it's not that, then you always get some clerk who wants to stand around you while you play like you're gonna break whatever you're using if he doesn't watch you from two feet away.


Fender cream strat (Don't know the model). through a Jimi Hendrix Marshall Full stack. You can't imagine how awesome Little Wing and Angel sounded through that.
Everytime I go to the guitar shop I just pick out a few guitars to play while I'm there. I'm more of a guitar person than an amp/effects person.
Top of the list so far was the $4000 ESP Eclipse. Epiphone flying V was SUPER comfortable and cool to play aswell. Shame about the shitty pickups. I'm actually going up there tomorrow and I plan to play the Gibson Voodoo LP and maybe a Fender Jaguar reissue. They both look fun.