I've had a set of Elixer strings on for a while, but I broke a string today so I'm getting another pack tomorrow morning. Anyone recommend any good brands other than Elixer? I haven't tried many types, so I would like to experiment to see what I like.
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IMO stay with Elixir, I tried switching it up and the string went dull way too soon. But if you must try other strings, I'd go with Ernie Balls.
I sat d'addrio phosphor bronze (80/20) extended play life strings or whatever you want to call em. They are $$$ but sound so bright and clear i LOVE them.
They all go dead relativley quickly so it doesn't really matter. I have Martins and they were dulled way down in 2-3 days. I've never gotten really expensive strings, but chances are they go dull pretty fast too so you might as well just get cheaper ones and replace them more often and put new ones on before you play a concert or something.
I use Elixirs, but I hear D'addario EXP's are just as good. Ernie balls are good if you're on a budget, but for the love of Jimi do not get Martin strings!! I bought a set once and had them put on at the shop, the ball end broke off the B string before I could even play 3 songs, and they didn't sound good anyway.
I took two my two acoustics in last week (Seagull S6 and Yamaha F310) for new strings. The guy looked at them and recommended Peavy strings, but they only had one pack left so I got Peavy on the Seagull and his second choice, Martin, on the Yamaha. I had to take the Seagull back in this week to get the truss rod adjusted so I haven't really played it yet, but the Martin's sound great on the Yamaha.
I just use the standard D'Addario Phosphor Bronze strings.
I can get a 3 pack of them, and a big handfull of picks for the price of a single set of Elixirs.
I do like the Elixirs, but cannot justify the extra cost seeing as i currently don't have a job.
D'addario exp's...Arguably better than elixirs imo and $13 cheaper per pack where im from.
I like Dean Markley strings, they last a long time and have a nice tone. I also reccommend Ernie Ball strings. Just one thing: DON'T get Martins... the guitars are good, but the strings are doo-doo... they corroded after only a month or so on my guitar...
lol...... elixirs or d adrrios exp the only half decent strigns to get