I've had a set of D'iannoes (sp?) for a while, and that's pretty much the only type I've tried. Can anyone recommend another brand? I'd like to experiment and see what I really like.
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Elixirs are nice, too. And you meant D'Addario, I believe.
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GHS Boomers ftw

preferably .10's


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D'addario's are my personal fav.
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Does anybody but me use Ernie Ball?
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Ernie Ball.
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GHS Boomers, light or extra light.

ernie balls if I feel like getting spoiled.
Every time I've tried Slinky's, they've snapped like twigs. D'Addarios have yet to let me down.

Also used Dean Markley Blue Steels there for awhile, and those were quite good as well.
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ghs boomers last forever, and dr strings are handmade so they sound beautiful, whichever suits you best

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Earnie Ball's super slinky. I went through a butt load of other strings, and broke 'em all. I am quite poor and eventually stopped breaking strings(weather or not those two things are scientifically related is not my burden). Point is after I quit breaking strings, I have been using the EB's, and they work well for me. It's all personal preference in the end.
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Elixers for me as well, they just last longer, and I'm pretty poor right now.
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Ernie Ball.


I've got GHS 10-38s on both my axes right now though. I like the tone and the extra-light wound strings but they're not lasting (I'm breaking them like crazy). So once they run out I'll prbably go back to Enrie Ball.
i use ernie ball super slinkys.
used to use d'addario, but i prefer the slinkys!
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D'addario EXL110. They last longer than EB, about 2x for me, and never break.

Not to mention the playability and tone! I'm amazed by the damn things!
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DR silverstar .10's....only cuz guitar center quit sellin elixirs like a bunch of assholes
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I play D'Addario 10s. By the recommendations here though i might try some GHS Boomers though
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