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Me, the seller/shipper
1 14%
Him, the buyer/receiver
6 86%
Voters: 7.
I sold a Canadian buyer a pedal, and I guess he acquired some fees: taxes from crossing into Canada, taxes from crossing into his territory, and "handling fees" (I assume these were charged at the border). He thinks that I'm responsible for these fees. He said he'll grudgingly eat the taxes fees, but says I'm responsible for the "handling fees" as that should be included in the price of shipping. I offered the pedal to him and sold it to him for $40 shipped, so he thinks that for that reason, I should pay any fees his country charges him...

What do you guys think? Should I be responsible for them or are they his problem?

I'll also note that I offered him about half of the handling fees ($2.25 USD), but he refused the offer and wants the whole amount (about $4.30 USD).
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No it's his problem he wants it shipped to him, he pays the duties.
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shouldn't be anny, don't you just mail it like a package?

I shipped it via USPS Air Letter Mail or whatever. I marked the value as $30 and checked the little "Other" box as to what it was. I described it as "MXR Phase 90 used". This is the customs form that I filled out.

No he pays the duties. However if you didn't pay enough shipping, then that's what you need to pay.

See if something costs 10$ to ship, but you posted it yourself and only paid five then the reciever has to pay the other 5 when it arrives. However I'm assuming you used a post office and therefore you paid the correct shipping, so yeah he has to pay the import taxes himself. Serves him right, but it's also unlucky that something so small and from ebay is being taxed.
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