So now that Chris Cornell has quit Audioslave, how does everybody feel about that?
Please tell...
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I was quite saddened by the news but maybe now theres a better chance that RATM fully reunites(long term) and creates more music!
Um.. i'm pretty sure they allow you to comment on the news for a reason.
That reason being so there aren't a million of these threads.
Come on man, atleast wait a day or two...
yeah, bmat830's opinion is basically mine. its sad that they r no more, but the fact the rage might start up again is really cool.
Me fail English? That unpossible!

Hopefully this will be a long term Rage reunion, with the way American politics are right now they'd have no problem writing songs. As far as Chris Cornell is concerned... reform Soundgarden and bring back grunge.
I feel like I'm going through the stages of a breakup! haha Earlier today I shrugged it off, and after listening to their first (and best) cd in my car, I am SO BUMMED. But, I'm happy that the guys seem to be ok with the split. I'm just praying for a Soundgarde/RATM headlining tour!
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a long term rage reunion would be cool id love to see what kind of material they could come up with, but yeh but audioslave wasnt that exciting to me compared to soundgarden and rage anyway good luck for all the band mates
i really did not like chris cornell in audioslave, he just didnt suit, tho i like his 007 theme...so im pretty happy that he left because RATM are awesome!!!! also if the rest of cornells solo work is as good as the 007 one, im happy