today i decided to use my tremelo with my fender strat. (i almost never use the tremelo). i started twisting it in and the end of the bridge (part closes to the bottom of th guitar) like lifted up. it still plays fine and everything. but im wondering if i shud worry about it.
sry if this is a stupid question but i wud appreciate some replys
if I were you, I'd take the back plate off and adjust the springs (probably just a matter of turning a couple of screws) so that the bridge rests on the guitar...
ya i meant closest sry. ....and if i mess with the strings wud it be easy to like screw it all up?
Next time you change strings, block the tremelo cavity. (Just to get the strings on & up to tune) Then tighten the 2 big screws in the back to the point where the bridge sits flat, but you can still push down on the bar. If you leave it how it is, it will take forever to restring because every time you tune up, the tension will pull up on the bridge.

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Your intonation and action is already screwed up if your bridge is lifted too much. Tightening the 2 claw screws would pull the bridge down and sets your intonation and action to proper level. Remember to loosen the strings a bit, you dont want to be snapping them in the process. Also, when the bridge is parallel, do re-check your intonation again.
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shit. now every time i tne my guitar. the strings get out of tune very fast
Just be patient and eventually you'll get the hang of it
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
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Learn how to stretch them properly

"Plank" is a legendary guitar tech (who happens to work for Radiohead, though he's also build many a custom instruments for others) so I'd think his advice might be worth taking.

And it's worked wonders on my strat's tuning issues.
im sorry im sounding so needy and whiney. but.....so shud i just keep it. and eventually, it will stay in tune, or shud i tighten/lossen the screws or what? again thanx for being so patient and helping me, really appreciate it
You should tune your guitar until its in perfect pitch. Then see that your bridge is parallel to the body, if it lifts up, then loosen the strings a bit and tighten the claw screw. Re-tune, repeat the process until the bridge is parallel and not lifted up too much.
"Play with your ears" - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert
Thats what she said...
ok, but if it keeps tuning itself flat, do u think that means its not tight enough?