I have a set of D'addrios on my guitar that is a light-top heavy-bottom style:

10, 13, 17, 30, 42, 52

If I change this set to another set that isn't a light-top heavy-bottom gauge, will my intonation be screwed up? I have a tremolo bridge so I know I'll have to adjust the tension on my springs, but will it mess up my intonation? I don't have a chromatic tuner, so I'd really be stuck.
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Yes, though it depends on what you change to. If the change is small the change in intonation may not be noticable, if it's big then you could be in for a full re-intonating.

Best of luck either way.
Yes. I chaned from 9s to 10s and my intonation went way out. Just borrow a tuner.

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Your upper strings most probably will stay the same. It's the lower strings that you need to worry about most. Make sure you neck doesn't twist.