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Get a new bass for $250 - $350.
9 29%
Get a used one for $100 - $200.
11 35%
I have a better idea that i'm going to post for you.
11 35%
Voters: 31.
I'm looking to get my first bass (i play guitar already)
And i am undecided as to whether or not i will get a new bass in the rang of $250 - 350, or a used bass for $100 - 200.
Now, keep in mind that i will be using this bass for some recording.
Not serious recordings, as if i'm trying to get a record deal or something.
For your first bass I'd say a $100-$200 one. I'm sure you could find pretty good basses in that range. Then, if you really get into bass, get a new one.

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I have a better idea that i'm going to post for you.

Nah not really, sorry.
Well unless amp's will be provided, I'd say spend at least a little more on your amp then your bass.
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it all depends on the quality.....i bought a used 5 string ibanez soundgear bass...125. and i love it. asside from my lazy @$$ getting new strings...it sounds fine.
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I have a better idea that i'm going to post for you.

Nah not really, sorry.


Anyway, I second the "get a used bass in the $250-$300 range". Boom! You get the best bass in your price range hopefully.
I would say get the cheaper used bass. Used doesn't mean it's bad, and it'll be cheaper than a new one. Since it's your first, and you already play guitar, I doubt you'd spend as much time as someone with only a bass and who had been playing for a while would, again why I think you should go for the used.
If you like it, and keep it up, you can always get a new bass in time.
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Personally, I think that if you are willing to spend $300 on a new bass, then you might as well just spend $300 on a used bass that is of much higher quality and value. But, for first bass, it all depends on what instrument your looking at.
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I would go for the $100-$200 used one. I started off with a Johnson P-Bass knock off I got with a 35W amp for about $80 and it lasted me a good year.
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Go for a used bass in the $250-350 range?
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