My band does a cover of the fray song how to save a life and i play guitar,
I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the effect was that the guitar uses in the chrous when he does a slow strum and it almost sounds like the chord sparkles
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without having read this thread and just seeing the title since i've been not on the forum for a month i'm just going to say

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never heard the song, but im 99% sure its a chourus pedal.
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^lol never heard the song and guesses 99% sure... gg

he uses a fuzz pedal with a compressor
if its any help, they use an ebow live, and to be honest i cant hear much guitar in it, i play it but i have a roland gr-20 which gives me a piano effect so i play the piano part on guitar (it sounds like a piano) not that $hitty piano riffs on guitar