Kansas (?!) tech death...a bit generic but the songwriting is spectacular and it's just so brutal and fast that you kind of have to love it. The intro scream to The Burner is one of the most metal moments in the history of the genre methinks.
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Origin is great shit. One of the bands that got me into tech death. Staring from the Abyss amazes me more and more every time I hear it.
Never got into them. Great musicians though.
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woo, an origin thread. I bet there's one already somewhere, buy yeah, just got into these guys myself , full on death metal reminds me of cannibal corpse crossed with deeds of flesh with a more technical? aspect. Echoes of decimation is a great album.

On my list of bands to check out. They had one track on this compilation I downloaded -the song was Reciprocal or something- and it pwned.

BTW, their name is far from ORIGINal... haha.. hahah.....

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Great stuff!

Edit: O my gosh The Burner is SO amazing!
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i love em. i was about too see them in the summer but the show was cancelled.
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