Like say there are vitage 30's that are 8 ohms and there sre some that are 16. What's the difference?
Ohms is the unit of measure of resistance in an electric circuit. I really don't know much about it though, =/. I'm sure someone will.
ohms are the power efficiency of the speaker. a speaker with more ohms but the same wattage can go louder. but overloads some amplifiers. i dont know exxactly how it works
Ohm: A measure of how much something resists (impedes) the flow of electricity. Larger numbers mean more resistance.

But yeah, I suck at physics. So I don't really know.

Hope that helps anyway.
you need to match ohms, head to cab.

as u add speakers the total ohms change depending on how u wire them.

to know which speaker to buy, u need to be specific as to what ur buying and for which cab.

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its the impendance (or resistance) level of the speaker/head/whatever you are talking about
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EpiPaul, I think it's the opposite, where the lower the ohms the louder.

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[boring physics]1 ohm is the resistance in a conductor that produces a potential difference of one volt when one amp is flowing through it. Or simply volts divided by amps.[/boring physics]

Ohms is the measure of either electrical impedance or electrical resistivity. They're basically the same thing, except impedance applies to alternating current and resistivity applies to direct current. And because audio signals are an alternating current, anything to do with audio and ohms usually refers to impedance.

An 8ohm speaker will impede on the current with 8 ohms. A 16ohm speaker will impede on the current even more. Meaning you need more power to drive a 16ohm speaker to the same level as an 8ohm speaker.
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