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30 Years old
2 6%
40 years old +
13 42%
3 years since joining
12 39%
More than 4 years since joining
4 13%
Voters: 31.
i was wondering who the oldest UG member is..not just age wise, but 'i have been on this site this long' wise
I'm 20.

Not the oldest, just gettin the ball rolling.

I just realized I'm coming up on four years bein around here... jesus.
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Someone posted yesterday and saidhe was 52. I remember seeing someone who joined in 2001 i think it was.
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Well, zappp as far as join date, as for age... I'm not sure. Over 400, 000 members tends to make it difficult to guess.
Bill43 is in his forties, I believe. Wahappen is older though.

Also, the oldest UG member is zappp - shouldn't really have to think about that.

EDIT: Actually, I lie. The oldest member is testbug01.
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I think it might be pickngrin.

Hahah! Lol
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Bill43 is in his forties, I believe. Wahappen is older though.


Bill has almost 15 years on me.
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Bill has almost 15 years on me.


Poor Cwiss.
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Bill has almost 15 years on me.

thats what they all say...

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yeah, I was gonna say Bill43.

Maybe a good way to answer the question would be to take the age times months been here.
Well since zappp made the site, I would assume he has been here the longest.
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ummm zappp? he started the site. And Cas also
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There is a bass forum regular who is in his 60's, cant remember his name though..
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Edg is in his 50s i do believe. Maybe im wrong.
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