I'm looking to buy a 1940's Martin Acoustic around where I am, the only problem is it has a few cracks to the top of the body. It still plays fine, I was just wondering what could be done to fix the cracks, even if it's just cosmetic. Would a guitar shop be able to help me with problem?

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You actually have to think twice about buying that era of a Martin? What's wrong with you.

Obviously you wouldn't want to play bars or tour with that vintage of a guitar. So, as long as the cracks don't affect playability or sound, I'd go for it. But I hear I'm naive when it comes to spending money on guitars. What's so wrong about eating ramen and kool-aid for a few months if you get something good out of it?

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Yes it's fixable and yes it's worth it. Early 40's martins are not as valuble as the pre war martins, but they are still worth thousands even when they need a lot of repair. Just make sure you have a really good luthier do the work for you.
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