hey guys, i have my guitar setup to 11 - 49 and i was wondering whether i would have to get it set up for 10s
You'd probably need to recalibrate the truss rod a fair bit, adjust the action, and re-intonate.
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Put them on first. I imagine you'd have to adjust the action, and you'd defintely need to intonate. Not sure if you'd need to mess with the truss rod.

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mostly it depends what kinda of guitar you have, if you a guitar with a whammy bar you're gonna need to ajust it, be if it doesn't have a whammy bar then you shouldn't really have to do ne thing
You might have to adjust it a bit, some guitars for some reason don't have to.

Do as above said, adjust truss first. You might not need it though, depending on your situation.
well iv got a set of 10s here maybe i could wack them on see how it goes and if it doesn't work out i just put it on my guitar which need new strings anyways