Ok so ive been playing guitar for about 3 years and i learned a lot but I have kinda hit a wall. Im not sure where to go next. Ive learned scales, chords, theory, you name it and have been jamming with friends but i can still use some work. I just dont know what to learn next if anyone has some ideas that would be great
ur not alone i've been playing about three years too and i've hit this "wall" also
sorry if that doesnt help

maybe write a big 20 minute long guitar masterpiece
or buy some new effects pedals and play with those
or learn some piece by bach or some other classical musician to help your technique
or start a band and try and write some awesome songs and try and get signed
those are some of the things i've been doing lately
id go with yawn, if you have or havent been writing songs, try and make one that sounds great to you, and add a solo to it,