is this true??? i got told at a shop taht takamine acoustic electronics allow it to feedback less than other acoustics?
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less than some other acoustics, but not less than others. takamine does have a pretty good preamp/pickup system from the factory, though.
Basically there are two ways to go here; the crude way and the subtle way. The crude way is to reïnforce the top bracing to make it stiffer, or use a thicker wood with less taper or even plywood for the top. Cheap and effective, but to great extent compromising the acoustic sound of the guitar. Guitars like this can be great on stage but are pretty useless without being plugged in.
The subtle and much more sophisticated way to control feedback is to build in a high quality equalizer that really does cut out certain frequencies if you turn the knob, so you can dial out precisely those overtones that agitate the guitar into undesired swinging and leave in those frequencies that don't. A bit more tricky perhaps in a heavy amplified rock & roll environment, but far more satisfying when played unplugged.