Hey there. I have a brand spanking new jackson DK2M dinky.

There are a number of things I am unfamiliar with with this new guitar.

1. just after the nut there are three square blocks with tightening screws on them. They are very loose. What is the purpose of these and how to I get them correctly and how do they effect the guitar when I alter the tuning?

2. Floyd Rose Trem. I have no prior knowledge with the licenced floyd rose trem. What do i need to do to get the most out of it and what do the sets of screws on it do?

3. I want to get some form of covers for the humbuckers. My old guitar had nickel ones but I'm hoping to get plain black ones that cover them totally. Any chance?

4. Anything else I should know about the guitar??

Um, you should look some of this stuff up. The "squares" are the locking nut. It prevents it from going out of tune. Someone else can explain a Floyd Rose.

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