I started electric guitar last year and play alot everyday (i played acoustic for some time before but im much better now) i have my friends old fender champion 300 and an epiphone explorer and i am looking for effects. i mostly play differents types of metal, shred, death etc but also classic rock like led zeppelin black sabbath acdc iron maiden and then the normal alternative stuff. So what should i have out of the Line 6 podxt or Line 6 podxt LIVE ? (i am not in a band but probably will be soon and write songs)

(btw someguys said Boss GT 8)
I would really say check out the podxt, I heard it once and it sounded really nice! But if you're not really one a budget and you can stretch out some money, I suggest you buy a new amp--it'll make more of a difference.

But still, look into the pod xt!
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well the GT-8 is a really good multi effects unit and kinda expensive (around $450)

as for effect types there are some standard effects you should look for:

then you could look for
noise gates

you should go try em out and see what you would want or could use with your playing

some good brands you should look for include boss, electro/harmonix, mxr


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PODxt LIVE is probably your best option if your looking to splash the cash for that type of pedal.

But if you can afford it id much rather get a new amp thats suited for your style.

I have no diea what amp you'd be looking for because i don't play that kind of music. But im sure there's someone here who can help you.