so i just received the deluxe american strat that i ordered from guitar center. When i first ordered it they let me use another deluxe till mine came in. When the new one came in i simply swapped the guitar and kept the case and accessories. Problem is the pop in tremolo doesnt fit correctly! its too loose and i know for a fact its not a twist in. I was told i needed to twist something with the allen wrench that came in the bag to tighten the hole. can anyone help?
well a picture wouldnt really show anything. its just that the pop in tremolo is loose when i put it in and it doesnt stay in place as it should, instead it falls like a normal twist trem.
If your trem works like most pop in ones, just put in the handle and slightly depress the trem. When you look at the back of the trem you should see a little hole, just big enough for the smallest allen wrench that came with the guitar (assuming they gave you the proper allen wrenches). Just put it into the hole and turn it until the arm is fastened.
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