This is probably a very noobish question, but i am the first to admit i know nothing about electronics so here goes.

Have been playing for a little while just with some beginner gear: a low-end LTD, Behringer AC108 Vintager 15w amp, Ultra Metal, Ultra Chorus and Hellbabe wah. I have recently noticed i'm getting quite alot of distortion when playing clean, especially noticable with the neck pickup. I checked all the leads and the other pedals and found that my wah is the main culprit. Why is this? By the way i'm running them off mains, not battery.
Behringer pedals are cheap, and one of the consequences is that they don't have true bypass, so some of the modified signal "leaks" when the pedal is off. This, coupled with the cheap components means the pedals are noisy, and something like a wah pedal, which is quite a noisy pedal at the best of times, will be even worse.
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^yes I do. Thanks to SS for the answer, seems strange that i've only just started noticing it, i've had the hellbabe for several months...man I knew there would be a downside to these pedals being so cheap
I don't think it's because you have a cheap pedal. Check out the specs for the pedal. Often times the pedal in wha mode will add several dB's of gain. I have a Morely wha/volume pedal and when I kick it into wha, I can tell that it adds gain. I can't remember the exact number, but I think it's near 14dB of gain. The bottom line is I think you are overdriving the settings you have before you kick in the wha, and getting distortion and feedback as a result. Try turning down the volume on the guitar just as you kick on the wha.
well you didn't state if you had the wah on or not when playing clean. most Distortion occurs when the output of a device (guitar, or wah, or pedal, or whatever) is overdriving (clipping (square wave)) the input of another device. In this instance i would unplug the wah and play clean see what happens. also since you haven't been playing long check to make sure that all cables in line into the amp are shielded cables . This may sound like a stupid statement, but I've seen this as a problem with a guitar players rig before. I have seen a salesman at guitar center, sell a speaker cable as a patch cable. Start removing things that are between you and the amp... if you plug straight into the amp and start jamming clean do you get any distortion? ..i mean even just a little bit ? you may have the preamp gain to high ( I don't know this amp) on the amp itself. Hmm without actually being there it is hard to tell what the problem is.
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