What the hell? Lately I've been in the worst rut ever. I've had no desire to practice, whatsoever, even though I want to be a great at playin the damn thing! Which makes me confused and pissed. So I was hopin some of you guys can give me some tips of gettin the hell out of this rut and playin strong again.
I can't help, I'm in that rut too, but hey, maybe we should kip in the same tent . =]
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Learn more covers. Or play drums. Or buy a wacky effect pedal.

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listen to technically difficult music, it will inspire you
I play guitar =]
learn to sing a song that u already know how to play
then practice doing both at the same time

are u gonna go my way by kravitz aitn too hard

or do as pizzabox says

i thought id never learn another song again coz i cbb to memorise notes i just wanted to f around but then i heard cliffs of dover and got inspired to learn it