So my jeans and t-shirt were dirty, and I put them in the wash. So I walked back into the house and suddenly, in the back of my brain I remembered that there was ten euro in my pocket.

So here's a thread to discuss if you have accidentaly left any stuff in your pocket and put it into the washing machine.

But not a word of a lie, a chick my mom works with, went to put a load into the dryer. When she look away her cat climbed in. Yea, cat was pretty ****ed up afterwords. As in, dead.
one time i left my wallet in my jeans. It came out fine, but all pics, cards and whatnot were ruined forever.

Parting is such a sweet kick in the rectum.

But in all seriousness i also countless numbers of times find myself forgetting to take gum out of my pockets... oh goddd what a mess that is.
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I left an mp3 player in a coat pocket. I washed it and then dried it. Worked fine afterwards though. I've left so much money in my pockets, but it doesn't really do anything to it.
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I've never don anything like that but yesterday I was withdrawing money from a cashpoint and I left with my card but not the money and the bank sucked it back in but it still debitted my accout
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A friends mum left his phone in her pocket (I dunno why she had it in the first place)

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I usually leave money in there but realise just in the nick of time.

My girlfriend once had her phone go through the wash. After 6 weeks of drying it worked fine!
my friend left his phone (which he had got the week before) in his pocket and he ended up having to get another new phone
I've left bags of weed in my pockets.
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But not a word of a lie, a chick my mom works with, went to put a load into the dryer. When she look away her cat climbed in. Yea, cat was pretty ****ed up afterwords. As in, dead.

Wow. That suuuucks
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My MP3 player
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My MP3 player

+1 unfortunately

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my namebadge for work and a pen, that messed things up, but luckily nothing too hardcore
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i once jumped in a swimming pool with £50 in my pocket.......that sucked...
i left 20 euro in my pocket before.came out fine

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usb stick in school trousers.

worked fine tho

Same, cept mine had coursework on and didn't work again afterwards...

Had to redo the stuff that I hadn't got copies of.
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I had a cracker in my pocket. Was gonna eat that too

it's a cruel world...

I think I left my buspass in the wash once
I once left my laser pointer and $10 in my shorts, the pointer came out screwed, and the 10 dollar note came out really fragile. I always leave unused tissue in my pockets, and when it goes in the washer, they all break up and stick to the other clothes and it's a hassle to get rid off :p Pisses my mom off.
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