I thought it was an official thread about string
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Theres rats running around outside my window, one of them has an apple, he looks very happy about this.

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Oh ****

Aaaah well. It gives me an excuse to rape.

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I thought it was an official thread about string

Lol. One of the best replies ever
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Only buy guitars that have had their wood harvested from the north side of the tree, during the summer solstice, by virgin druids suffering from dwarfism. Next stupid question, please.
haha funny . . . NOT
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I left my funny bone in the other room.

ANd combined with the lack of humour in this thread, I might not even crack a smile...
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can we have an official thred for arguements ? like where we can jsut go and insult eachother ?

For those times when you need a good old interent based argument.