I am a beginner at electric guitar, although I have messed around with accoustic guitars a lot, and although my left hand technique and strength is pretty good, my right hand sucks . I've tried out both a Fender Squire and a Yamaha Pacifica (think it was 112) and I loved the Yamaha, and found it rele versatile. I also want to try an Epiphone Les Paul Custom II I saw on the internet, but the Les Pauls i haev tried i didnt rele like , apart from a vintage way out of my budget. bearing in mind im a relative beginer what shoud i getr in ur opinion
The Pacifica is a great starting guitar. If you get along with it, you should definitely go for that
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Lower end Epiphones aren't all that great in my experience...the Yamaha Pacifica, as Kurapica says, is a great starter guitar. I still use mine from time to time.
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Go with the Yamaha. Great starter guitar. You have to go with what you like and are comfortable with.
If you tried the Pauls and didn't care for them, why consider them at all? 'Cause they look cool? 'Cause your favorite artist plays one? Nice color? If those are your reasons, that's very bad judgement.
I'm one of the biggest George Lynch fans around, and I've tried several of the ESP models he played. Bottom line was I didn't like any of them so no deal. They work good for him, but not for me.
Don't get any Epi Les Paul under a Studio or any Epi SG under a G-400.

What music are you hoping to be able to play?
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there is a phrase that comes to mind. 'if you buy shIt you buy twice'. get the epiphone.
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