i've seen people use them, and they've seemed ALRIGHT, if not worse.

they do the job, but you'll be far better off with something else.
as for behringer, you will get alot of behringer rant here...i have 2 behringer pedals, and they arent exactly disastorous...the preamp booster i use as a very light o.d and a volume boost is in my main rig.
It's a bit noisy, but EQ's tend to be, and it's not true bypass which isn't an issue if you're going to be leaving it on. Plastic construction, but again, as long as you aren't going to be tapdancing on it or playing cricket with it it'll be fine.

Most idiotic battery cover mechanism known to man though.

And it costs the same as 2 packets of cigarettes in the UK.
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Well what about the pedal itself? Does it have enough range to be versatile?
I am going to use it to boost during solos, and otherwise, use my amp's EQ, so it should be on only some of the time. So how much of a tone sucker is it?
Go to the store and plug it to the amp of your choice with your guitar and try it for yourself. Sound is always subjective. What one person likes isn't always what everyone else likes. As far as Behringer quality, I can tell you first hand that they suck. I sent a V-Amp Pro back twice and I still have a dead one. Third one 3 different serial numbers. Not the same one fixed.