Well, I am just posting because as odd as it sounds, I work on Pianos as a living but don't know how to play one. I want to start to try and learn to play.. Are there any good sites for beginners that teach the basics? I know the notes, and what key is what note etc.. I know some basic theory for guitar, and I know the 2 are very similar , or so I've heard.. One problem is I cannot read sheet music.. I'm sure that will be a problem... Any tips?
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I got piano lessons for a short while last year, and it is quite hard. Yes, you will have to learn how to read sheet music, and there is two things that make it harder for a piano player:

1. You have to read two lines of music at the same time.
2. The two lines of music have different clefs (the majority of times) - The treble and bass clefs are used.

To begin, i got two books. One was called "John W. Schaum Piano Course - A - The Red Book". The other was a collection of grade 1 piano pieces. The first book is quite childish, but it is actually really hard to find a beginners piano book that isn't!

I don't know any sites, but i would recommend getting a book; not neccessarily the one i got, but some type of beginners book. it will help you far more than any site could.


I wouldn't do it unless you are dedicated mate. I got forced to take lessons when i was ten, and it is handy and good to learn though.
you're going to have to learn to read sheet music and I highly recommend getting a piano teacher. it is way too easy to slip into bad habits on piano when learning on your own.
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weezer ate cake is right. Unless you're a real good guitar player that really understands theory, I would suggest getting a teacher. It's a lot easier.

A good beginner's book would be the John Thompson series. For a beginner, the title's called For Little Fingers, because it was written for little kids. I'm pretty sure they'll sell them at any basic music store.
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