If you buy it as an expensive model and keep it in good shape, then yes. If you buy a cheap guitar and beat it up, then no.
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It depends. If it's high-end, then it will likely go up in value over time. If it's Gibson or Fender, then you're guaranteed to get greater value if you keep it in good condition.

If it's a no-name plywood strat-copy from eBay, then no.
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It also matters if it is modified or kept stock.
I have a 1964 Fender Mustang, but it has gone through at least 4 different owners in its life, and has since been repainted (twice I believe), drilled into for a new jack location, added another knob where the original jack was, switches removed, pickguard cut to fit a p90 humbucker on the bridge.
I'd be looking at a nice little fortune if it was 100% stock, now, naah...

EDIT: Some day I want to restore it into it's original form, find some parts here and there and bring it back.
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most guitars drop in value for about 10 years and then start going back up, especially for big companies.
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Also depends who played it....take someone like Clapton....had anyone else took three fender strats and mated them their guitar wouldn't be worth crap....he does it and the guitar was sold for like a million dollars.