Hey, im just wondering if you guys have any tips on starting out some solos. Should i be improvising some scales against blues backtracks, or pick songs to play, or just practice scales. any advice would be much appreciated.
Do everything you just said, but concentrate on one thing at a time! I would advise you to get a book like "Blues You Can Use", which helped greatly for my technique. Keep on working and you'll be fine ;]
I started out playing easy solos that i heard in songs then i learned some scales and started improvising.
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practice hard solo's as well. get a metronome, or even better, sequencing software with drums, and leran the solo to Zep's Black Dog. the first eight measures are a good thing to play. start on BPM 40 or sth really slow and add 2 bpm every time you can fluently play it. best way to learn solo's ever.
practising scales is good for some people, not so much for some others. i step alot of theory-fanboys on their feet by syaing this, but really, knowing scales and patterns is not *necessary* for creating solo's - it all depends on the way you approach it. one way to it is 'hey, the song is in E-flat, and now im gonna use these scales and itll sound cool'. another way is to have the backing chords for the solo on repeat and play for a long time and eventually the solo will be formed by that. yet another way is to create the solo in your head by humming along with the backing chords, and then playing what you hymned on your guitar. and everyone might have is own way of dealing with stuff lke this.

well for the bottomline, i'd say that the most important thing is to play solo's in various different styles and by various different artists, so your horizon broadens.
Just Keep practicing, and work on techniques like Hammer ons, slides, pinch harmonics. Your solos really start to sound good as you build speed.(clean speed)

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