I had been experiencing major feedback problems with my rig because of all my effects (listed in sig) especially from my Guv'nor distortion... The fuzz and buzz was almost as loud as my actual guitar sound.
I decided it was getting out of hand, so looked up the Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor...
Now, it says it has this new high tech super extreme feedback and unwanted noise detection system that's really awesome... So I though hey that sounds great and got one (off ebay, cause I cant afford store prices).
I hooked it up and everything and guess what... no noise!
But I shortly noticed (as I dreaded would happen) that it is actually just a noise gate...
So whenever you play as soon as you strike a note, no matter how quietly, all the buzz and feedback comes back until you stop the note.

This is quite disappointing, as I thought it was what it said it was on www.bossus.com
Does anyone else have this problem or is it meant to be like this?
You have the Noise Suppressor up way too far, you are only meant to turn it up far enough to keep the guitars natural delay normal.
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