I was just wondering (before a purchase), which acoustic guitar is better:
The Epiphone hummingbird or the Ibanez AW40?

When I say "better", I mean better in every possible way

Well in all actuality the one you like more is better for you.

but for just generally
HB has
Solid top (spruce)
Mahogany body (not solid)
rosewood fretboard

AW40 has
Solid top (Sitka Spruce)
Mahogany Body (not solid)
Rosewood Fretboard and bridge

both are similar and I have played neither so play them and go for the one with better tone as you always should. I do prefer the sitka spruce in the AW40 but I have heard alot about the HB so I have no Idea which is better.

Try them both and decide for yourself.
I havent played an epiphone hummingbird so i cant give u a fully educated answer. But i will say, dont be fooled by how good the ibanez looks, (with the vine inlay on the fretbaord n all) it is a poor sounding acoustic. Ibanez are notorious for making poor acoustics. As dazzler said tho, try them both and then choose for yourself.
I have a Ibanez PF5 and its sounds really good considering I bought it for less than $200, but you should try both of them before buying.
both have similar specs. the necks are very different. if epiphone necks are like gibson, they are a bit thicker. ibanez necks are very narrow. pick the one that is easier to play.