Remember that UG's view of things is different from many other sites.

And as for Blackened death, I do not see why you say it does not exist for we always label bands in that genre (Belphegor, Goat*****, etc). As far as I'm concerned, that part of the article is fine (except for Dissection maybe unless there's some matrial I haven't heard that fits blackened death).
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I think the DM article is fine.
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Isn't behemoth quite blackened death?
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I propose that only the opinions of enthusiasts of elite death metal albums such as Therion's Beyond Sanctorum and Demilich's Nespithe be reflected on this site. Worthless tripe like Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse and In Flames should never warrant a mention on a page that purports to be an encyclopedic article on death metal.

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I have to say that the crap people posted there proves wikipedia is for idiots
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I have to say that the crap people posted there proves wikipedia is for idiots
For those who haven't figured it out, the thread title is a reference to something someone said in the talk page.
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*goes to make a wiki on extremelyhardcorepolkadottedcanoe metal*

the sad thing is i might get away with that

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