alright, i have another new song which is my version of I Put a Spell on You. it was done by a bunch of bands, like ccr, marylin manson, and screamin' jay hawkins.

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Well I havent heard the original so I cant really compare. The vocals are pretty good, they seem to suit the song. The clean guitar has too much reverb though. The distorted tone was alright, not exactly loving it though. Once again, the lead guitar has too much reverb.

Overall, not bad, pretty decent cover you got there!
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Yeah. I don't think I had heard the original version, but this is a cool song. I like the guitar/bass riff. It is very bluesy. I like it, and thanks for critting mine. There is nothing really to crit because I like it all. Maybe a little better guitar tone, but this is nitpicky. I really like that clean guitar melodic part. Keep it up and thanks for the crit.
you should definatly check out the one by ccr and tell me if mines better lol. thanks.
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Well played. It was spot on. A bit too much reverb on the lead guitarr. And the distortion was good, but not very appealing. It was played nice and smoothly...

Crit mine?
Sounded good! I didn't hear anything I could really critisize, though maybe turn down that distortion a bit to get a more "classic" sound.
Its a good cover, but as Cizzie said you should turn down that distortion.
I play guitar =]
i like my distortion lol. i wasn't going for a classic sound, as that song has had a classic sound on the albums of the other bands that did it.
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Hi this is good, I have heard the original and its a good song, cool rendition. I know mine only came out of one speaker, I dont know why that is, its something to do with the program I am using, all that mono and sterio stuff I dont know lol, I dont know hwo to fix it.
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i've heard the original many times, and it's nice that you haven't made a cover that tries to sound like it, you did your own interpretation of it.
i don't like the mix in the begining with the drums, it gets a little bit chopped of. but thats a minor detail. Overall i think it was cool and original. thumbs up!
The Cymbal at the start sounds really weird, its got a really digital nastiness to it.. in a bad way.
The distortion on the guitar was weird, maybe put less distortion on it, and turn the volume up a bit.

Clean part is lacking treble. Its too low-mid.

The overdrive on the lead sounds a little awkward, as does the riff, it needs some vibrato or something.

The part after that is a little boring. Needs something more to it..

Vocals are too noticably off time with each other.

The phasery distortion solo was boring, there was nothing to it really.

Try to make it more upfront, get rid of the overpowering phaser, and learn to vibrato or something, learn some double stops, give it some more energy. Laid back playing is fine, but there has got to be some peaks here and there.
thanks for your crit. i'll look into that. theres not phaser though. i think you're refering to autowah, which in general i don't really like either, but i wanted to do something different/.
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Hey man i had a quick listen to all your stuff,
but naturally was drawn 3 o clock blues.
I love the feel and dynamics you have going in all your songs!
Keep up the good work!
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I like it. Most of the problems i had have already been addressed, like the reverb n such.

However, i like the dual vocal part. The fact that the 2 takes are out of time at parts reminds me of another track and i love the way it sounds. good job.
WOOT, me liky very much, totally sixties psychadelic dude, reverb on guitar reminds me of The Pusher by Steppenwolf, John Fogerty would be proud, 123 on that vocal part and the groove is great
I think your voice is really cool. I like the drum intro a lot. Your guitars were excellent. There really isn't much to crit as it has all been said above. I like the tone and distortion, I wouldn't change a thing if I were you. Great song and great cover.

C4C? Mind listening to a collab of nutshell by me and another UG'er? Vocals start after about 1 min. of music.
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Not keen on the drums at the start and throughout but you have a nice playng style and a good strong vocal sound. The song drags a little, but ive never liked any version of this song ive heard so thats probably more to do with personal taste than anything else.

the dual vocals have just come in and it kindof makes me cringe, im sure the offtime vocals were an effect you were aiming for but it doesnt push any buttons for me.
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thanks for the crit. yeah, that was the effect i was going for.
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