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for those saying google, why not just get firefox/google toolbar? doesn't take up much space at all, and then you have google there at all times.
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i have right now. I never bothered to change it much. I was thinking of changing it to UG soon.
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a swedish site (mostly for swedes) which lets you build your own homepage with blocks basically. The blocks can be the news, weather, comic strips, time and date, videos, your e-mail, what's on TV, e.t.c.
It's Google, because since I've starting using computers (fairly young) my father always had it as Google, so I've been able to get used to anything else. I like being able to open a new tab, click home then google whatever I want.

In fact, maybe I'll change it now. To UG.

Wish me luck.
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Google, just cos If i think my connection has been lost I can hit home and see if its working.

But this is invaluable.

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Meh, Myspace.

But it's just habit. I usually just sign on, and leave it in a tab until I decide I want to message someone or just see if someone's commented me or something.

I just open Firefox, sign on Myspace, open a tab, get on UG, and just go with the flow. Myspace is hardly opened, though, because I hardly get messages.
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Google even though I have the Firefox Google toolbar. I just like having Google as a homepage for some reason.
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but i usually never close my browser and have like 54 tabs open at a time..
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