Hey guys.

This is my first post so I thought I'd share the results or my first project with you. My guitar is a Yamaha EG-112 Fat Strat Copy, and I had it for about a year before I decided that the standard black with white pickguard was getting boring.

So I stripped it in hopes that I would soon get lacquer cheap from my uncle who owns a body shop, but it sat stripped and fully disassembled for about 5 months. (During that time, I was supposed to have seen him, but plans got changed.) This led me to browse the internet looking for cool ways to refinish without painting, because I thought I might be able to do something more creative than a solid color refinish. I came across a great wealth of knowledge at www.ProjectGuitar.com and found the material finishing tutorial . I decided to go for that one, because of it's ease and flexibility. I browsed fabrics on eBay for a couple of days, and eventually decided to tie-dye the guitar.

I went to Wal Mart and got the fabric for $1.44 US and the tie-dye kit for about 8 dollars. I bought the fabric sealer for about 5, and polyurethane for 9. I used a quart of Minwax Fast-drying High Gloss oil-based Polyurethane, and ended up only needing about a pint. I had the HVLP gun to spray with and the Titebond wood glue.

I ended up spraying 6 coats of polyurethane sanding in between coats. The finish looks wet. All the hardware/pickguard are the original, but I painted the backplate/jackplate and pickguard with Rustoleum Hammered metal finish gold paint.
I applied 2 coats of polyurethane to them with a paper towel, and they came out great.

The project took about a 2 months because I was busy, but work time was as follows:

Strip body with sandpaper and random orbit sander - 30 minutes.
Shop for supplies - 30 minutes.
Dye fabric, wait for it to cure, iron. - 18 hours
Apply fabric with glue - 20 minutes
Let dry - 2 hours
Seal fabric with Mod-Podge - 10 minutes, dry for 4 hr.
Cut off excess fabric - 10 mins.
Level sides with wood filler - 10 minutes
Spray paint blue sunburst - 30 minutes, 2 coats.
Spray 6 coats of polyurethane, sanding in between - 25 days.
Cure - 14 days
Paint and polyurethane plates/pickguard - 45 minutes
Cure/dry - 6 days.
Solder/Reassemble Guitar - 2 hours.

It was a great learning experience and this is what the final result looks like:

It still plays great, and the tone is very bluesy with the switch set to the humbucker.
You can not feel the fabric texture at all, but you can see the weaving of it, so it plays with your senses a little bit.

Sorry I was so long winded, but I hope I was able to help anyone learn anything about refinishing with material.
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probably the coolest finish i have ever seen, or one of them
i finished my guitar in black velvet, and it was really hard to get it to go with the contours of the guitar, and i had to sew it on basically, how did you manage to do this?
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if i may just say... that finish is ****ing sweet... kudos... however i dont think i like the gold pickgaurd
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you are my new hero cause i do the exact same thing but i suck at it

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It got to sit with the contours very easily because I used muslin which is a thin, all cotton fabric. When I trimmed the excess off of the top and bottom of the guitar, there was an edge between the fabric and wood that would have been very visible had I not done something.
I got creative and with my finger, smeared wood filler along the edge all around the body. I let it dry and sanded it, and now it is seamless.

And could you please PM me some pictures of your velvet guitar?

Latinosuperstud - I was originally planning to paint the pickguard blue and scuff it and sand through in spots with sandpaper, but the blue in the spray can matched the tie dye blue exactly, and I think it would have been overpowering. The gold was the only color I could think of that would go.

Thanks for your input.
Wow! That's really nice, congrats.
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dude i want one
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Sweet, but you know what woulda looked amazing?

If somehow you could have run the fabric over your pickguard also so the design ran throughout the body and over the pickguard.
one of the sweetest finishes i've seen in a while. I have a yamaha too- pacifica, but I haven't really thought of any cool ways to customize it. I sanded the headstock down to look like a miniature fender-type, which was sweet. But, anyways really nice mods on your guitar!
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Sick dude, It kind of looks like my Splatter Strat.

Except yours is a lot cooler because its real fabric! Maybe I'll buy a walmart guitar or something to try that on.
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Wow! That's kickass! Good job!

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this is the best exhibithion of virtual tid-dye pwnage i've seen in a while. I'll post my tye-dye skull.

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Looks very cool! Only one minor critism, the gold pick guard kind of clashes with the finish. I'm at a loss to say what would look better, though. How did you get the fabric on without wrinkles or folds?
GotRock? - I used a squeegee to spread the glue on and laid the fabric down. The TiteBond gave me plenty of time to stretch out the fabric. It was nice though, because it had a kind of 'one way give'. You could pull the fabric out and it would stay and not shrink back at all.
thats tight but why'd you do it to a Yamaha guitar it would have been way tighter if it was a strat but still it's tight , and it looks great.
Ibanez - It's my first and only electric guitar, and I'm 15 and didn't feel like shelling out the money to do that to a brand new guitar, let alone a Fender.
man I love that look. I do agree with most people with the pickguard.....maybe you could find a clear one.
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man I love that look. I do agree with most people with the pickguard.....maybe you could find a clear one.

But theres a bunch of electronics under the pickguard so a clear one would kinda be... well... ugly...
Clear pick gaurd FTW
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