I want to buy a good acoustic guitar pickup for my acoustic f-cut thin body as well as for my classical guitar.

I had seen a very cheap CHERUB pickup which I can clip n to the soundhole. Is that any good?

Please suggest some decent n fairly priced models.
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You can not use a soundhole pickup on a classical guitar. You have to have an internal mic or a piezo. If cost is really an issue then you can make your own piezo pickup with the buzzer from some old smoke alarms. Radio shack has a wide range of beepers and buzzers that can easily be turned into a piezo pickup as well. Or there are some budget piezo pickups at www.stewmac.com.

For a steel string guitar just about any pickup will work. You can even use electric guitar pickups. The best pickup depends on your amp, playing style, and how loud you play.
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