ok i have a few problems first is with pull off and 2nd is a question dealng vibrato and bending

my problem is whenever i have to go 5p0 by 5 i mean any number.
the open string sounds way too harsh in my opinion

for example im trying to practice 8p5p0 for eruption song im practicing in my accoustic guitar because is easier for me to spot the problems or mistakes i make and i notice sound to be too harsh

i wanted to upload a zip file so you guys could hear record but is way too big so i try to upload later

the 2nd question is dealing with vibrato they say people have their own kind of vibrato is this true or can u develop the vibrato for example let's say bb king?

and also how do u do vibrato while bending?

any tips or suggestions are appreciated
Well...the first part isn't really a question, but whatever, if you think it sounds too harsh, just stay away from pulling off to open strings when you play your own songs or improvise, it's things like this that make up a persons own style of playing, otherwise you end up sounding like something you don't want to be.

Vibrato while bending can be quite difficult to get the hang of, it's really a question of building up strength and stamina in your fingers so you can bend up to a note, then bend down and up again quickly enough to make it sound like vibrato, like most things it just comes with practice.

On the subject of individual vibrato, you can't really develop your own vibrato sound on purpose, it kind of happens with time, play enough and you'll develop your own way of doing it, lots of players have done the same, like B B King, Yngwie Malmsteen and Eric Johnson, all very individual.
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