Hi everybody.

After a year using a Yamaha ERG 121, I feel like I need a new guitar cause this one doesn't suit my needs.
So, I have about 600€. I listen mainly to instrumental stuff (Vai, Satch, ...) and metal (Metallica, Dream theater, Nightwish, ...). I'm actually studying jazz and blues, and I'm getting more and more into stuff like Vaughan, Benson, etc.
Having said that, I think the most suitable brand would be Ibanez, because I want a quite thin and fast neck, and a FR.
I found 3 models : RG 370, 350EX (the white one), 320FM (Flamed black).
I hesitate between the two last ones, because they both look awesome, but the rg350 looks too metal, which is not really clever if you go to a jazz music school with it ...
Which one do you think is best ? is there an other one you'd want me to see (about 400&euro

So, I have 200€ left, I'm seriously thinking about getting some humbuckers. and especially DiMarzios. I don't want any EMGs because they have no feeling, they're just power and power. I need a voice, something which can scream, growl and cry. However, they need to be near to the old school metal, something like Master of Puppets, Battery, especially. They must also be able to get that powerful and fat rythm sound. I'll do very much of soloing in the future, so they have to be quite screaming and with sharp harmonics. One last thing, i'll play blues and jazz with it : i want that nice warm round bluesy mellow sound for the neck pickup (like a strat's neck pu)

I want to say that I'm going to buy this axe in a week and it will be the main one for a real long time ( about 5 years or so) and I'm willing to make some gigs with it, so help

well o nthe pups you cnat go any better with ibanezs than evolution pickups from dimarzioo
and maybe an evo 2 for te neck or smething?

but the 350 is a good guitar for that sort of level of playing/price
and dont worry about it looking metal
it just looks lovely =]
yeah but what do you think about petrucci's neck sound ? really "colourful" and tone varies so much, i kind of like it