Hey, well i've been looking around the site recently and seen all these great threads recommending different artists to listen to, amps, how to buy guitars and so on.

I've also noticed that alot of threads are made asking about pickups. I was thinking that maybe it would be handy if any experienced players on the site made a big pickup recommendation thread?

Any thoughts?


(In the event that Wahappen reads this, I only put it there as it says site suggestions should go there and whatnot... please don't eat me. )
I'm going to create the procrastination club, just later...
yea thats cool. I've been playing like 13 years. Something like that depends on what kind of music you play. My strat I play all blues with and I put in Texas Specials. Metal you could always use Bill Lawerence. I play a lot of lead work so I use a pick-up with higher gain and bite. I bought a Razorback with a Dimebucker in the bridge. I couldn't ask for a better pick-up. really all depends on the playing style. I would suggest just go otu a try as many as you can till you find one like
Yeah, there is something sort of like that in Dave's thread. But I think there should also be a seperate Pick up thread.

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Yeah I mean there's alot of threads made every day asking about which 'pups to use in guitars and are EMG's good and whatnot... maybe it would help if someone made a thread going through which pickups are good for certain genres, leads and rhythm etc.
I'm going to create the procrastination club, just later...

I don't mean to revive a dead thread for no reason, I just feel that it would be more helpful, less annoying and more economical if there could be a pickup thread people could refer to instead of lots of seperate ones posted everyday.

I'm going to create the procrastination club, just later...
Well there is a sticky on amps, doesn't mean people don't still ask. It just means that someone went to the trouble of compiling lots of information and people don't use it.
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