I sure don't, I grew up in the 90's, but from what I hear and see in the old movies, the girls were great.
Jean Harlow:

These are the women of the golden age. Not the sexy bitches of our pornos and pop music videos, but majestic beauties who were not cast as the faithful sidekicks of male movie stars, but powerful creatures, cast as equal or superior to their male counterparts.

Marilyn Monroe:

These women are not the ones we men want to bang and leave, but the women we men want to save from Nazi warlords and passionately make love to afterward. As some of you may know, I always love seeing a nice ass or the beautifully-curved body of our modern girls, but what happened to these divas?

And, as I leave you with this stunning picture of Lana Turner, I must ask you, as members of Ultimate-Guitar.com, who is with me?

Today's women > old day's women
It depends, its not that woman from the old days were preetier then woman nowadays.
Its just how do you present them to the public that makes the difference.

I personally prefer old fashioned presenting.
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They look hot then but now their pussies will be dried up or decomposed
I'm with you *raises clenched fist*

But I dig late 19th century women - like book characters. They seem so cool and sweet-natured, like Mattie Silver from Ethen Frome

Ill still settle for today's sexy bitches
I like 60-70's era women.

There breasts seemed so different some how.
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I'm pretty sure we all had a fetish for Leia when she was in the steel bikini ... I know I did
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I'm gonna go find some 50's porn.

They're pretty hot, but it ruins it to know that they're old as hell now or dead.
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Today's women > old day's women

Tell that to Audrey Hepburn.

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Hell yeah

Mary Magdalene was ****ing HOT!
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Maralyn Monroe > all
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I'm pretty sure we all had a fetish for Leia when she was in the steel bikini ... I know I did

Holy shirt, yes!
Pepperidge Farm remembers...

But I know where you're coming from, it just seems like the overall women of movies and pictures have simple lost... Class.

You never see modern women looking anything like they do in those pictures you posted, you always seem them wearing some bikini and getting slightly more nude as you move down the page (nothing wrong with that...). But I honestly can't think of a single person today who even reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.

Oh well.
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The new day messiah = Marylin Monroe = HAWTTTTTTT > today's women > oldies women = probably our grandmas and dead relatives.

Yeah that sums it up
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Vivian Leigh, particually in Streetcar Named Desire was beautiful. Better than women today.

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i miss the 90s
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I don't agree with you guys at all, haha, I think they got cast better parts but I'm not drooling over them
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i mean, those girls are good looking, but there is something about them which makes me desire modern looking girls more.
Oh yes. I do remember going to the cinema, paying a nickel, and watching those great and cutting edge films. Not like todays' garbage, and this whole internet thing.

Those bitches are prolly 70 at least by now, which is not sexy. Whoops not Munroe i guess.
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I like 60-70's era women.

There breasts seemed so different some how.

Maybe it's because they were real!
Three cheers for girls who DONT get breast implants!

Or possibly because what is in actually changes (yes, there is breast fashion)
For example, in Marilyn's time, "bigger" was not always better, but more of like a "torpedo" shape.

.....why do I know this....

Anyway, I must admit.
Marilyn was pretty amazing
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I think that girl who was 2nd place in American Idol last season reminded me of the 'classic beauty' kind of thing. Her name was something Macphearson I think.
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