I'm new to playing and effects and need some help recreating the sounds of my fav players.

I have a Zoom G1 multi pedal and cant quite figure out the right combination of settings, if anyone can help me out with the settings of a few players it would be handy ta much.

Or even a rough guess that i could work around, as i dont have a clue what type of distortion to start with.

People :

Kirk Hmmett
Steve Vai
E. Van Halen
Brian May
Dan Donagen
Jimmy Page

So if anyone has the same pedal as me and can give me the right combination of parameters it would be spankin.. rock on ppls hehehe
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Isn't B6 or something Kirk's signature sound? Well it is for the song "One". Personally I use the BOSS OD1 on the Zoom G1 effects Pedal and I switch to the Angus Lead when I'm playing "You Shook Me All Night Long". You should play around with the drive settings on the patches i'm sitll working out all the settings too