Hi all,
I am curious about some of the players preferences here when it comes to a practice setting. Do you ordinarily sit while practicing(maybe a stupid question), and if so, do you wear a guitar strap while sitting? Personally, I'm finding it a bit difficult to practice while sitting, without a strap, due to the...er extra padding I'm getting in the midsection(if you know what I mean). It's kinda like playing an electric guitar back-to-back with an Ovation roundback
I try to...just so I'm used to it if I need to play whatever I'm doing on stage...it's good practise.
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I practice while sitting with a strap. No reason really, I am just too lazy to put the strap on and off, so I just leave it on. lol
I think it's a tad bit easier to play while sitting but for the last couple months I practice with a strap that way the first time you put on a strap if wont freak me out and have it way up instead on lower...if that made sense.
a strap? one that goes on? so you mean a strap on? how dare you if i could...

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i try n split my practicing sitting and standing. that way when im playin on stage ive got a really good feel for playing standing which is what ill be doing most of the time
My guitar's shape doesn't really lend itself to playing while sitting, so I pretty much have to stand. I prefer it anyway - allows for greater mobility.
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Yeah, I do.

I'm really just too lazy to take it off. I'm... pretty damn skinny, and I wear my guitar low, so that strap is usually much too loose to really work sitting down and it just slides down and chills behind my back. But it's attatched, which is what I think you were asking.
I don't, I find it pointless to have a strap on while sitting, only time I do have it on is if I was standing before hand and had a strap on.
The strap always gets in the way and falls off if I have it on my guitar while sitting. But I usually do practise standing with a strap, playing while sitting and standing are quite a bit different, so it's good practise, who knows when you will need to stand next
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I usually do.
If I'm on my futon with like a 45 degree slant to the back, I don't want it slipping off me. I wear my strap all the time. Plus I think it looks very nice on my guitar.
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the strap gets in my way if i sit down without it on.
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My strap buttons have actually broken, so I don't even have a strap. The guitar usually fits nicely in my crotch area.
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i do. It seems that I can go up and down the neck a little quicker if the strap supports the wieght some instead of me just holding it. If that makes sense.
I usually practice sitting down. But sometimes I like to stand up and play, and I quite often walk around the house and play .
I never take the strap off my guitar, even my acoustic so...yeah even when sitting I have the strap hanging around my shoulders. Plus...I have this fear of my instruments hitting the deck after my brother dropped my bass o.o
I use to, but my strap sucks and the screws ripped apart the screw holes in my guitar, so the screw on the bottem doesn't stay in anymore... anyone know how to fix this?
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I usually practice sitting down. But sometimes I like to stand up and play, and I quite often walk around the house and play .

Exactly the same with me. Ever since I got my wireless I can't stop moving.
I don't even own a strap yet, so no.
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really i only wear it in case my pride and joy slips off to meet its doom. however i find it beneficial to adjust my stap so that when i stand up , my guitar is in as close as possible the same position as it was when i was sitting comfortably. this lessens the "shock" of suddenly finding it more difficult to play things if the guitar is hanging round your knees
when I play my flying V i keep my strap on when i sit down, but when I play my Ibanez I generally don't wear the strap.
The main reason i wear my strap when i play my V guitar is that it slips off my knee (lol the most common reason).
I usually use straps when sitting down, and use them up tight. When Im standing I have them kinda low. With my Rhandy Rhoads V shape, its so damn uncomfortable sitting down and using a strap, I have to put it between my legs without a strap. Ima have to start taking classical guitar in the summer, im going to hate it so much =/