Alright, this here is the start of some epic, grandiose undertaking of mine. I want to compose a large, epic piece containing at least 5 different movements, this being the first of which. I have a particular attachment this this one. I wrote the fingerstyle intro about a year and a half ago, and just recently brought it out and started adding onto it. This piece was the result. Looking at it now I can hear a billion different influences in it, and I think it's coming together rather nicely. I'd like to know what everyone here thinks of it. Crit for crit, of course.
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I loved it ...really, I have no comments....the music speaks for it's self
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This is so awesome! The finger picking is sick, then the whole song builds into something epic! It doesn't even need vocals, because it never gets boring. The synth works well with the guitars, and the drums fit the piece perfectly. I honestly cannot wait to hear more!

Thanks for the crit
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Wow that was really good and does in fact sound like a lead off into a 20min epic kinda thing like your going for

Cant wait to hear a full 5 piece epic
Thanks for the crit

woah, really epic, it's bloody amazing!
Not much to say really, great intro.
Loved the Bridge, good use of dynamics. The only thing i'd say is don't take away the drums when you're moving into the verse! it just makes the transition sound 'Forced'.
Verse: Nice chords, but i felt you're down/upstroke in bars 33-34 were a bit too slow (and what does the 'R' below the downstroke mean? ). Great melodies.
Prechorus1: I'm surprised how well this worked if you see what all the guitars are playing, it's quite amazing they go that well together. I loved that.
Prechorus2: Meh. Felt a bit unnecessary to be honest, it didn't really fit in.
Chorus: don't really like the distortion guitar in there, it kinda overshadowed the main melody part played by the Jazz guitar. Bars 67-72 were more like it!

Well this is one amazing piece, can't wait till it's completed!
Wow, I appreciate you taking the time to write all that.
I can see what you're saying about the transition into the verse, but honestly to me it sounds the way I want it to so I think I'll leave those drums alone.
The downstroke/ upstroke stuff may seem a little slow, but the guitar is really for added texture, since the verse is pretty bass/synth driven. I have no clue what "R" means, nor do I remember even putting that there. How strange.

Originally Prechorus 1 was meant to be the verse, but I ended up liking the other verse better since it wasn't as cluttered with different parts.

IMO prechorus 2 fits in rather nicely after the extreme buildup from prechorus 1, and transitions into the chorus. It's sort of an attention grabber kinda section, very powerful and punchy.

I hear what you're saying about the distortion guitar in the chorus, I think I'll probably tone that down or remove it entirely.

Thanks for all the responses so far. I started writing part II of this piece yesterday, hopefully I'll share that up here sometime soon.