Hey i was wondering if u could help me chose my newt guitar, i have a few in mind

1) Dime Razorback Two Tone

2) Jackson King Kelly 25th Anniverasary

3) ESP KH2 Vintage, Caution

any other good guitars?

ESP KH II Vintage
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Out of those three I'd go for the ESP. The Razorbacks are good quality guitars but I personally find the shape annoying to play, and I've never been much of a Jackson fan.
Id definitely try some of these out before you decide but I do like that ESP KH2 Vintage - wow arent they like £3000. Nice man - good luck with your search for guitars.
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or look up DTM guitars if you wanna go custom
Quote by mr kipling
Try an esp ec1000, they are very nice.

purely on bias ive just gotta agree with this guy out of those choices i would say the esp, i think the razorback is great but i hate the two tone one, get the rust!
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