I love it do you?
HAHA THANK YOU SO MUCH CHEESE PUFF!!!!!!!!!! i wil blow ur dinkzor, but it comes at a price

It's a pretty sweet show.
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****ing Sweet
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Denny Crane.

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touche vman, touche

mate. feed. kill. repeat.
its awesome. i love when they get to blow things up or shoot things

my band ^
Haha dude I just finished watching it! 'Tis awesome. They made two big ass lorrys crash into each other!
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i like the man with the moustash and leather beret
that show wud be complete if he was called hot karl
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Haha dude I just finished watching it! 'Tis awesome. They made two big ass lorrys crash into each other!

Awwwwh. That was so cute.
freakin great show i tivo every episode....
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Wait a minute! Do they send the boxes in boxes!?

They burn stuff, shoot stuff, blow stuff up, make things crash into each other...

My God, who wouldn't love this show?
fucking awesome show. i love watching it. even when it is an episode ive already seen, i still watch it.

the chick on there is quite attractive IMO
here comes another I LOVE KARI BYRON thread.......

kari byron is hot
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^well, she is.

i dont know why she has a huge ass claw, or a ton of balloons, but she is still hot.

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Well hung.

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I was about to jack off until I looked at this.... asshole

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