This has been making me extreamly nervous and worried for the last while. my heavy gauge strings keep needing tightening and keep rising off the fret board...its almost 1/2 inch now...im worried about the bridge or neck busting ....im flippin out here...any ideas or fixes other than get lighter strings
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which gauge exactly are you using?

Shit I dunno exactly since i threw the package away...i just know they r the thickest i can buy here in the city
Oh dear. They'll be like 14s or something. You'll need to adjust your truss rod at the very least. The body might not even be able to take the tension if theyre really heavy.
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yah, i was thinking that...i make just go back to the medium gauge i used before...i just like the mellow tones of the heavier ones
tune lower, that'll release some tension. like 1/2 step down or a whole step down. that way you get fat sound with tension of thinner strings.